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After a long activity in the field of optics, for over 50 years, a new cycle of operation began, with the creation of an online store. By adding e-shop, the company will offer products and services worldwide, directly and economically.

Ally of the company, the great experience in the field of optics, the great collaborations with well known companies, the investments in new products and the continuous training of the staff.

The company's goal

The availability of a wide variety of products, which are not immediately available in the market at competitive prices. Even the information - training so that they are able to choose the right products, depending on each case separately. This is achieved by investing in the following four areas:

  • Search for quality products & services.

  • Immediate service by available staff.

  • Competitive prices.

  • Continuous information through conferences and exhibitions.

Interesting facts

Some data on the operation of the online store and the offer of the company’s services.

Free returns

You have made a purchase & the product is defective, you are entitled to a free refund.

14 Days

If you are not satisfied with the product, change your order or you can even cancel it by refunding your money.

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Unique offers

Every month there are offers in many product categories. Select registration in the newsletter for your immediate information.

The best prices

The purpose of the company is to have the products at the most competitive prices on the market

Immediate shipment

Place your order before 12 and the product you selected will be shipped the same day.

Our partners

All these years, the main goal of the company is to create relationships of trust – long-term, with partners who have chosen to work together.

Brands are selected for the quality products they offer, their unique design and the special materials they use.

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